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True Blood this season was a disappointment and the season finale was laughable. Without the Sam Merlotte story line intro for next season, I don't think I would watch it. The main characters are boring, same story line every episode. Hated the devil versus the "symbolic" angel that they made the main female lead into. DONE TOO MANY TIMES!!! And too much fat old naked people running around this season!! Only good part of this season was that Alexander Skarsgaard was in more episodes. Oh yeah and Layfaette is pretty good too. Hope the story line will be better next season.

And I hate it when people turn into assholes overnight cause they think they are better than everyone else around them. I am thinking I permanently need a change of scenery.

Thats all!


On a Diet...Or Changing My Habits!

And I'm going to do it the right way. Eating right and exercise, no atkins or fad diets, no powders, no drinking a meal, no frozen prepared meals. I'm having breakfast, bringing a lunch to work (designating Fridays to go out for lunch with co-workers), a light snack in the late afternoon, and cooking meals at home for dinner with a glass of wine before heading to sleep at 12:30. Now that heading into work early is now impossible with having to take 520 I get up at 8 and headout for a light jog for 30 minutes each morning that way it is over with for the day.

Its only been the first week but having a routine with eating smaller well-balanced meals, exercise, and getting more sleep I do not feel so sluggish and tired! So with all that good stuff I am also saving money! My normal day would be:

Morning Coffee from Starbucks - 2.17
Lunch - about 12.00
Afternoon Coffee - 2.17

So all of that times 5 comes to about 80.00 being saved a week! Although I am allowing a coffee in the afternoon to be a snack cause my coffee order, a grande-nonfat-extra hot-sugar free vanilla-coffee-misto only comes to about 70 calories and it tastes like a regular vanilla latte but more coffee flavor rather than sugar. Plus its good to get out of the office for a bit each day.

I don't have a scale and probably won't get one cause I think that the ones you buy at stores can get inaccurate so I will only be going by how my clothes fit. My goal is this particular piece of clothing I have hanging in my closet!


Onward to Indy

Well hopefully everyone's hard work pays off! We are off of to Indy and this book better sell many copies!!!!
Right now busy getting packed for my lovely 6am flight!!!

Haven't posted a starkorean in awhile. So introducing Lee Byung Hun...Storm Shadow of G.I. Joe disaster. But I may just see it just to support my fellow Korean...he looks pretty bad-ass!

Random Things

1. Work is somewhat back to "normal"
2. PaizoCon was a bit weird...250 plus people actually like us!! It was unexpectantly fun!
3. Saw a copy of the Pathfinder RPG, the biggest book Ive ever done and am still nervous about it.
4. My bike is out of storage. Been riding around Ballard and Fremont always forget my camera!
5. True Blood, Entourage and Eureka will be back on TV!
6. Started saving for my trip to Italy next summer
7. I'm missing my friends and family back home more than usual :(
8. I desperatly need a haircut
10. I will be commuting to Redmond once again! Not looking forward to that.
11. Looks like I will be judge for the Tuesday Challenge for this blog
12. And to end this list, I got an email from an ex-boyfriend. Deciding if I should write back.

I have avoided asian films for awhile because they are just ridiculous but I want to see this one. This is directed by Park Chan Wook who also directed a little movie called Old Boy. The movie poster is awesome!

FF Past & Future Present

Every year when E3 rolls around I mostly look forward to whatever Square-Enix will release. Back in my V-Design days when the company would head to LA for the yearly show, I would head straight over to their booth and just be like a wide eyed kid (which being asian, wide eyes are hard to do) all the other stuff was just fun to see but I could care less. I have to admit that I mainly bought my PS3 just for FF games. And although Square-Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy games for the XBOX its just not the same. Its just wrong. Plus I wonder how many cds it will take for a FF game for the XBOX.

Anyway I'm looking forward to the grey, rainy weather because its a good excuse to play games all day and not feel guilty!!!

Past: Final Fantasy VII on PSN which I quickly downloaded and will play again for I think the fourth time

Future Present: Final Fantasy XIV - Not  really a fan of MMORPGs but I think I may have to play this one! Chocobos!!!!

Its Finished!

The biggest book I have ever laid out is finished. Set to PDF 576 pages at 6pm!!! If no problems arise over the weekend come Monday morning it will be uploaded to the printers. But that doesn't mean i can kick back and rest...not yet! Have to catch up on the rest of the products and the Bestiary will be in full swing next week.

Starkorean Gianna Jun (korean name Jun Ji Hyun) will be making her English movie debut in Blood: The Last Vampire. I don't have high hopes for this one but it looks like it has some decent action scenes. It may just be another asian movie with scary asian chicks with long hair...but with a big sword!


Still busy at work and just got busier with taking over on some projects now! In the past week I have bought aspirin, pepcid, aleve, and Tylenol PM to sleep. Had a panic attack while driving home one day at work which caused me to call 911. But our products will look awesome!

I posted a nine girl Kpop group called Girls Generation, well here is the male counterpart. Super Junior has twelve members!!! That is a lot of egos to keep in check!

New single Sorry Sorry (ESL: Sholly Sholly) In the karoke words I think Shawty Shawty is what they meant to say.

Gone For Awhile

Huge projects going on at work. So my nights and weekends will be spent at there. And when not at work, hopefully I will be sleeping or drinking.

Starkoreans FT Island actually play their own instruments (I think) but whats up with the Goth/Punk/Emo look? (I like the singer though)

Be back in a month or two!

Catching Up!

Back at work. Lots to do!
AARGH another art order!


Home Sweet Home!

I'm back in Seattle land. It was great to see my friends and family but soooooo happy to be home and just in time I hear that it was back to the negatives in weather!!! The cold dry weather was not nice to my skin. It made my skin so dry that it hurt and also benefited me in having a couple bloody noses...awesome!

So the task now is unpacking which I am very bad at. Last time I went on a trip the suitcase sat on my bedroom floor for about three weeks after I got back. Hopefully this time around it won't be that long.

Just got back from the grocery store and to restock the fridge with food. Now to catch up on TV that I missed!

I don't understand these starkoreans...duo group Norazo. Its just weird!!! How can one guitar make all that music? And asians should never dye their hair blonde!